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Argentina has a wide and varied geographical richness. We invite you to discover hidden places where you can form part of the nature and observe the beauty of the landscape from a different angle, accessing non-conventional and unique programs. We prefer small groups to give you full and better attention, therefore receiving absolutely customized treatment.

The exclusivity of your trip is a fundamental condition. That is why, according to your preferences, plus our suggestion and experience, we diagram a unique proposal, giving you the possibility of accessing unconventional and exclusive programs.

Horse Riding | Hiking | Kayaking | Fishing | Mountain biking | Ski Touring | Road trips

Plan your trip

We have no pre- planned trips. They are all designed according to the traveler's preferences. We'll talk through your ideas, give you some suggestions, set it all up and advise on travel, kit and preparation, so that you get the journey you've always wanted.

So that your trip is unique and you have the privilege of living and discovering the authenticity of the place, it is that we recommend places, accommodations, and services of the highest level, but above all warm and comfortable

Luxury Trips

We suggest inns, lodges, accommodation and services of the highest standards so that your trip can be unique. Besides, they are comfortable, warm, and uniquely charming, offering you the possibility to discover the authenticity of each place. It's an alternative where exclusivity is an essential condition.

Group Trips

With set departures and fixed pricing, group tours are an easy and practical way to plan your trip.

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